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Saturday, Jan 21: This weekend (January 21 - 22) I am having a fund drive to help keep my sites up and running through 2017.  As you know
access to my blogs is free, but it does take time and money to keep them online.  I know you appreciate my efforts to cover the rainwear enthusiasm
scene, which I might add, I have been a part of since the 1970's .  

In return for a donation, I will grant you access to my new member's area and send you a "gift set" of my rainwear photos dating back over the past

twenty years.  I have a goal to reach this weekend of $500. See what you can do to help out.

You can reach me all weekend with any questions that you may have.  
Make a donation using PayPal and I will send you back a Username and Password for
the Members Area along with a thank you gift for donations over $20.
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