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Currently there are four sections within
Rainwear Enthusiast, Rubber Enthusiast, Role Play and
Fantasy and Kristine's Weekly Journal area.
Later in the year, we will be introducing some new faces to the
website and posting archive images from vintage enthusiast
magazines dating back over the past century.   
But perhaps most important we have some new photos sets
and videos on the way this summer, featuring rainwear,
rubberwear, PVC and leather fashion and footwear.    
We have now posted some popular archive "enthusiast"
photos on the site which can be accessed with a guest
user-name and password.       
Although the official launch of is not
until the 2nd of September 2014, we are inviting guests to
preview the website in the hope that they can provide us with
the input and financial support necessary in order to get the
website well and truly up and running by early September.
Next month, we will introduce a fifth area, with a sixth and
seventh to be added in August and September.    
Specialty Photography and Video
June 2014
Specialty Content
Enthusiast is a specialty photograph and video source
for enthusiasts of rainwear, latex rubberwear and PVC fashion and
leisure wear.
Sought After Images
Access both amateur and professionally photographed
images and video content not available from any other source.
Private, Discreet and Confidential
Privacy and personal data protection is of paramount importance
to us. We absolutely never share our visitors information (including
email address) with third parties.
Rainwear, Rubberwear and PVC
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In order to access our websites gallery areas, we ask that
you first obtain a
free user-name and password.     
All that we require from you, is your first name and a valid
email address and your country of residence.
Upon receiving your request, we will send you back your
access information within 48 hours.   
Important: we reserve the right to decline any request without
providing a reason.
Leather & Boots Coming Soon...
to be continued...
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